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FuneralKiosk, Inc. has been in business for over 10 years with the singular goal of creating software to allow quality merchandising for funeral homes. The best software is created by first understanding the needs of the customer base. Before we launched FuneralKiosk we interviewed dozens of funeral homes to find out what they wanted to make arrangement conferences easier and more effective.

Unanimously we heard the following:

  • 1. The software must be easy to use.
  • 2. The quality of the images has to be excellent.
  • 3. We are different than our competition and want to be able to configure our system to our needs.
  • 4. We need to carry merchandise from any manufacturer and include our own unique items as well.

FuneralKiosk was launched achieving all of these goals. The software is simple to use, requiring no technical knowledge and, in fact, is sometime even run by the family in need. The quality of the images is excellent and with a large monitor detail can be seen from the back of a large room

FuneralKiosk does not sell merchandise. We have a database of over 15,000 items from a variety of manufacturers and, if we don’t already have it in the database, anything a funeral home carries is added to the database for free. The software is configurable so that menu items can be named however the user wants and even the order of the merchandise can be changed to fit the unique needs of your funeral home. Online access to the easy to use administrative interface is given to each customer so they can change products, pricing or categories any time they want.

Since the launch of the FuneralKiosk we have grown significantly with 100% customer satisfaction. We continue to make improvements to the software based on customer feedback. As required by regulation, in California we can show a disclaimer before viewing caskets and this is a feature suggested by customers. We also added the WebKiosk based on customer feedback so customers can make remote arrangements through their website.

Please check out our online demo and contact us.

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