FuneralKiosk is Portable

If I order a FuneralKiosk do I have to buy funeral merchandise from FuneralKiosk, Inc.?

No. We are a software company. We do not sell funeral merchandise. Our focus is on developing merchandizing solutions for the funeral industry. We expect that you’ll continue to use your trusted suppliers for all your funeral merchandise.

Do I need to buy a new computer to run the FineralKiosk?

No. We do recommend that you purchase the 20” iMac because of the great display and the fact that the display and computer are all one piece for elegant presentation. It is also a computer that can be easily used for video tributes. However, the FuneralKiosk will run on any Mac or PC. All we need is the make and model and we’ll customize the FuneralKiosk to your existing hardware.

Do I need an internet connection to run the FuneralKiosk?

No. The FuneralKiosk runs completely offline. Updates are pulled from the internet but once you log off you can use the FuneralKiosk without an internet connection.

Is all funeral merchandise available on the FuneralKiosk?

Yes. But we are continuously adding products. If you have a product that is unique to your funeral home we will add it to the database for no additional charge.

Why is this a subscription service?

The FuneralKiosk is a subscription to allow you to update your FuneralKiosk for any changes in products or pricing at any time. We maintain a sophisticated database of all available products, with high quality images and content. Because there is constant change in available merchandise our maintenance of the database allows you access to the variety of products.

What are the benefits of a subscription service?

In some ways, it's like leasing a car rather than buying one. With a subscription service, you pay a low monthly fee for a complete, sophisticated software system, rather than having to lay out thousands of dollars just to get started. Also, with our online model, you easily get access to new features, product updates, and new information evry time you log in.

How many products can I put into my FuneralKiosk?

Our average customer has 500-600 products in their kiosk. However, there is no limit to the number of products you can have in your FuneralKiosk.

How do I add a product to my FuneralKiosk?

Using our web site, it's fast and easy to add a product to your kiosk. Simply log in and open your kiosk. Select a category and click on the "add product" link. From there, it's easy to browse a list of standard and custom products, filtering the results by material, manufacturer, product category, or our powerful full text search. From the results, a single click adds the product to your kiosk.

How do I customize a product in my FuneralKiosk?

Using our web site, it's fast and easy to customize a product, to make it appear just the way you want it to. Simply log in and open your kiosk. Select a product. Now you can change the product name, customize the description, or update the pricing. When you click "save" the updated product information is instantly and automatically updated in all the kiosks where that product appears.

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