Our Clients - Keohane Funeral & Cremation Service
Keohane Funeral Service, Quincy, MA
Keohane Funeral Service, Quincy, MA

Keohane's has been providing Boston area families with caring service since 1937. To serve customers more effectively they have integrated the FuneralKiosk into their arrangement process.

Keohane's Arrangement Area

FuneralKiosk, Inc. - Merchandising SoftwareFuneralKiosk brings continuity to the arrangement process. By integrating the FuneralKiosk into the arrangement area Keohane's can display all their merchandise in one sitting.

"During an arrangement conference we no longer need to get up and go to view inventory or flip through catalogs to find the appropriate casket. The FuneralKiosk allows us to show all our merchandise in a continuous setting. We can even leave the family to review and discuss the caskets themselves because the FuneralKiosk is so easy to use." says Dennis Keohane

FuneralKiosk, Inc. - Merchandising Software


This FuneralKiosk is running on an Apple Mac Mini with a 23" Apple Cinema HD Display.

The FuneralKiosk will run on any computer and can be sized to fit any type of monitor.

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